ABS sheet is the most popular vacuum forming and thermoforming material.
ABS is a general-purpose thermoplastic engineering plastic developed in the 1940s. It is a kind of plastic with excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. It not only good rigidity, hardness, and processing fluidity but also high toughness. It can be injection molded, extruded or hot forming. Most automotive parts are processed by injection molding. ABS has the advantages of impact resistance, sound insulation, scratch resistance, heat resistance, and more beautiful than PP, especially in lateral impact resistance and service temperature. More rigorous parts. ABS  is the third largest resin used in automobiles after polyurethane and polypropylene. ABS can be used in the interior and exterior of the car, steering wheel, oil guide tube and small parts such as handles and buttons. The exterior of the car includes the front radiator grille and lampshade.
ABS  is easy to process. It has good dimensional stability and surface gloss and can be used for secondary processing. It can be used in electronic and electrical fields, including various offices. And consumer electronics/electrical appliances, office appliances including electronic data processors, office equipment. Nowadays, in the electronic appliance market, ABS  will maintain its position in the electronic/electrical appliance market which requires flame retardant and high heat resistance. The flame retardant and high heat resistant ABS  have obvious competition with engineering plastic alloys such as ABS/PC.
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