The material for medical shell case, usually is ABS plastic sheet. It can solve complex surface, multi-surface effect treatment does not need to open die. The products are non-toxic, not easy to deform, beautiful appearance, firm structure. And also, light weight, low noise, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other advantages.

With rich experience, skilled Engineers, advanced Equipment, we have strong advantages in development of new products. Especially for the production of various prototypes. No matter whether you have the prototype or not, we can produce it. We can process and make it according to the physical effect drawing or the structural dimension drawing provided by you. We can also design the drawing according to the basic physical object provided by you, and you can make corresponding modification suggestions, and finally make the ideal actual medical shell. We can also make it according to you. Product concept appearance, we make the corresponding design, your idea to produce the actual product. Through the process of suction moulding, the cost of opening moulds is low, the appearance of products is good, and the precision is high. It only needs a fraction of the cost of injection moulds and a tenth of the cost of opening moulds. Only a small investment can achieve the desired results.

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