Thick-sheet plastic thermoforming’s Application and Development Prospect

Thick-sheet plastic thermoforming is a key process equipment for making plastic parts by vacuum plastic forming process with plastic sheets as raw materials. It takes thermoplastic sheet as raw material, heating it to softening temperature through oven, and then through

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Light Box —-How many do you know?

What is light box? It is a box-type sign or advertising device made of glass and filled with electric lights. Light box advertisements, also known as "Light box Posters" or "Nightlight Publicity Pictures", are used for outdoor light box advertisements.

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What is thick plate thermoforming?

Thick plate thermoforming and plastic packaging of thin plastic thermoforming production methods are similar, are mainly vacuum plastic forming, most of these plastic products are used in flowerpots. Waterbasin and so on. This kind of packing material is thicker in

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