Thick-sheet plastic thermoforming is a key process equipment for making plastic parts by vacuum plastic forming process with plastic sheets as raw materials. It takes thermoplastic sheet as raw material, heating it to softening temperature through oven, and then through vacuum negative pressure between plastic sheet and suction moulds.The plastic sheet in the thermoplastic state is adsorbed on the working surface of the suction moulding die and then cooled to form. Now, let us introduce the application and development prospects of the thick film suction machine below:

Thick sheet thermoforming machine has plastic products with large size, complex shape and inaccurate size requirement, which can replace injection moulding, FRP, metal shell and so on. The cost of thermoforming mould is 1/10 to 1/20 of that of injection mould, which has the advantages of low manufacturing cost and short development cycle. It has been widely used in automobile interior and exterior decoration, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, household appliances, cultural and educational bathroom, sports goods and other areas of people’s daily life.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of plastic industry, the application field of thick sheet plastic thermoforming is expanding, and its position of plastic thermoforming machinery is becoming more and more important, and it is difficult to meet the needs of users.Most of the users of thick sheet plastic thermoforming mostly use imported machinery such as Taiwan. Its energy-saving, production efficiency and high difficulty of thick sheet plastic thermoforming become the bottleneck of the development of thick sheet plastic thermoforming machinery. There are few domestic manufacturers of thick sheet thermoforming machines that can replace Taiwan’s machinery.

Thick sheet thermoforming machine is a branch of plastic machinery in China, and its level is far from that of developed countries. Some products are still blank in the category of large-scale, special and special thick-sheet thermoforming machines, which is the main gap between developed countries and industrialized countries. With the development of global economic integration and diversification of product applications, the development of domestic thick-sheet plastic-absorbing machinery will be accelerated, and it will be continuously improved with the help of introducing foreign technology. Especially in today’s rapid development of electric vehicles, energy-saving, lightweight, diverse styles, the development and application of thick sheet plastic parts will gradually increase, the potential market for the use of plastic parts will continue to expand, it is expected that in the next three years, the annual output value will exceed 1 billion yuan.