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Medical Shell — Professional Manufacturer

By |2019-08-05T15:07:40+08:003:07 下午|Latest Articles|

The material for medical shell case, usually is ABS plastic sheet. It can solve complex surface, multi-surface effect treatment does not need to open die. The products are non-toxic, not easy to deform, beautiful appearance, firm structure. And also, light weight, low noise, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other advantages. With rich experience, skilled Engineers, advanced

Light Box —-How many do you know?

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What is light box? It is a box-type sign or advertising device made of glass and filled with electric lights. Light box advertisements, also known as "Light box Posters" or "Nightlight Publicity Pictures", are used for outdoor light box advertisements. They are distributed on both sides of roads and streets, as well as in public

What is thick plate thermoforming?

By |2019-07-30T16:44:48+08:004:44 下午|Latest Articles|

Thick plate thermoforming and plastic packaging of thin plastic thermoforming production methods are similar, are mainly vacuum plastic forming, most of these plastic products are used in flowerpots. Waterbasin and so on. This kind of packing material is thicker in the process of production. Thick plastic thermoforming means that the thickness of raw materials used

Thick Plastic Vacuum Forming in Environmental Protection

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Children's toys or articles made of anti-bacterial thick plastic vacuum forming can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and are healthier; thick plastic vacuum forming made of coconut shell can achieve full degradation, pollution-free and more environmentally friendly.... 1. Thick plastic vacuum forming with antimicrobial reagent can also be antimicrobial. Children use thick plastic toys

Application of Thick Sheet Plastic Thermoforming in Bus

By |2019-07-23T14:50:43+08:002:50 下午|Latest Articles|

With the rapid development of transportation network, the demand for passenger cars is increasing, and the requirements for safety and comfort of passenger cars are also increasing. The beauty and luxury of interior decorations have become one of the important symbols of high-grade luxury buses. The interior decoration mainly refers to plastic parts, and its